Campaign Crew at the Leonard Strawberry Festival

Lake Orion High School Robotics Team

Brad presents Team 302, the Lake Orion High School Robotics Team, with a corporate donation to help fund their robotics season.

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

2012 Election Ballot Issues

I would like to clarify my personal positions on the six ballot proposals facing all Michigan voters in 2012. While we have provided non-partisan data, I have been approached repeatedly over the last few weeks about the proposals. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or need more information about these proposals.

Simply put... "PROP 1 YES.....NO ON ALL THE REST!"

Proposals 2-6 amend our state constitution. Our consititution is the ultimate guide of our state government. It should not be changed to suit the desires of any special interests with deep pockets.

Proposal 1 - Emergency Manager Repeal

My Position: YES

The "Emergency Manager Law" (PA 4 of 2011) has allowed local communities with the assistance of a financial professional to shed unreasonable financial burdens and make costs saving reforms. Many of the obligations of these communities will become the responsibility of all Michigan taxpayers if the community goes into bankruptcy. By voting yes we are upholding the current law as it was enacted by the Republican Legislature and Governor.

Proposal 2 - Collective Bargaining Mandate

My Position: NO

This proposal is probably the most potentially damaging of all six. It would require the rewriting of over 170 Public Acts, including labor law, employee law, worker's compensation law, etc. It has become apparent that this is a union-backed effort to destroy a half-century of existing legislation. Make no mistake, this proposal goes well beyond merely "collective bargaining," and could make Michigan one of the least competitive states in America for business. Michigan has moved from one of the least business friendly states to near the top in the past 18 months. If this passes, we will return to the bottom.

Proposal 3 - Renewable Energy Mandate (25% by 2025)

My Position: NO

By dramatically shifting the goal posts for utility providers, this proposal would seriously hurt the overall cost of utilities for Michiganders. The current estimates suggest consumers will pay thousands of dollars in extra costs. It is rate hike hidden behind a curtain of "green energy." While I support green energy, this is not a common-sense solution to our energy needs.

Proposal 4 - Unionization of Home Healthcare Workers

My Position: NO

Several large unions (with the assistance of Gov. Granholm) have forced home healthcare workers into union membership and have required them to pay dues. Most of these healthcare workers work directly for the person they are caring for and are often family members. This dues skim has cost hardworking Michigan taxpayers over $31 million dollars in wages, for which they receive very little benefit. The intent of this proposal is to circumvent the legislature and constitutionally mandate union dues for people who never wanted to be in a union. Union backed ads say this will protect seniors or veterans' healthcare services... Nonsense!

Proposal 5 - Two-Thirds Tax Limitation

My Position: NO

While I feel tax limitation is extremely important, the issue of taxation is best left to the legislature as the constitutional framers envisioned. We vote for our elected representatives on the basis of their policy position on taxes. A further amendment should not be needed with proper electoral oversight. Additionally, it could allow one-third of the legislature to hold hostage the majority to the detriment of the whole state.

Proposal 6 - Bridge to Canada Proposal

My Position: NO

This is another issue of legislative oversight. I sit on the Transportation Committee and will tell you with great certainty that the bridge is a very complex issue. Keep in mind, by approving this proposal an interest group will be able to avoid dealing with the State Legislature and Governor's Office. I do not feel this amendment is needed and is something to leave out of our constitution.

Supreme Court

This is the non-partisan section of the ballot. However, I would like to recommend several choices for these positions. Judges who might use their position to "make law" rather than to "interpret" it could create havoc by overturning laws supported by the majority. These three candidates firmly believe that the law, as written by legislature and signed by the governor, should not be changed from the bench.

I support the following individuals:

  • Justice Brian Zahra
  • Justice Stephen Markman
  • Colleen O'Brien (non-incumbent)

Ribbon Cutting for Advent Home Medical

It was a pleasure to show my support and take part in the ribbon cutting for the Advent Home Medical open house. Advent Home Medical Inc. specializes in respiratory home health care. In particular, Advent makes available cutting edge technology to those who are capable of living on their own rather than remain in a hospital, which is costly and could leave them susceptible to further health risk. I would like to personally thank Peter Primack and Joyce Rattaljae for their great work in bringing this much needed service to our community and contributing to independent and healthy lifestyles for our residents.

Summer In-District Update

It has been a beautiful and busy summer. As your state representative, it has been a privilege to take the opportunity to spend time in the 46th District. It has given me a chance to talk with constituents about issues that matter to them. This is a people, not numbers approach that helps me be the best public servant for the citizens of North Oakland County possible. While working in the district I have been able to meet one-on-one with hardworking taxpayers, business owners and local officials. I am also proud to announce that I have been working with AT&T of Michigan to provide funding for the Lake Orion Veterans Memorial. Through their generosity, we will be holding a final ribbon cutting ceremony on August 24th to celebrate their donation of $10,000. We owe our liberty and freedoms to our veterans and this memorial will permanently enshrine their efforts and commitment to protecting the American dream.

Wine Tasting Flyer

Brad's Right to Life Endorsement Mailer

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Brad's New Mailer

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Fine Wine and Beer Tasting at Addison Oaks - February 18th

State of the State Address

State Rep. Jim Marleau, Glenn Clark, and Brad on the house floor before the State of the State Address on Wednesday Feb. 3.

Formal Fundraiser

- in attendance Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

Photos from Brad's Announcement

Brad's wife Teri

Brad's family

Brad with County Commisioner Shelly Taub

Brad with Addison Twp. Supervisor Bruce Pearson

Brad with Sen. Mat and Diane Dunaskiss

Local Business Leader, County Commissioner Jacobsen files to Run for State House

Jobs, business growth main priorities in campaign

Lake Orion (Aug. 10, 2009)—County Commissioner Bradford Jacobsen announced his intentions to run for the Michigan House of Representatives today from the front porch of his family business.

"People in Michigan are hurting. Job creation and growth have been ignored in favor of higher taxes. These taxes are destroying our ability to compete with other states and have hurt every business. We have to get Michigan growing again," Jacobsen said. “The people of northern Oakland County are looking for leadership and I intend to provide that.”

Jacobsen cited that State Government has increased spending by my than $4 Billion in the last five years.

"Runaway spending like we have seen over the past five years has left our state a shadow of what it once was when you combine it with the drastic changes in the auto industry we need to change the way we do business in the state of Michigan," Jacobsen said.

The 46th District encompasses Oxford, Orion, Addison, Brandon, Groveland, Rose and Holly townships; the villages of Oxford, Lake Orion, Leonard, Ortonville and Holly.

Jacobsen is a longstanding member of many civic organizations around Oakland County, including being active in the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority the Oxford Rotary Club, Orion/Oxford Eagles, North Oakland Elks Lodge and Sons of the American Legion Squadron 108. For more information, visit .

Jacobsen Announces his candidacy for State Representative

Makes the front page of the Orion Review and Oxford Leader Newspapers. A full article can be seen here:

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