Get Michigan Growing!

Fighting Obamacare

We are working very hard to keep the federal government out of our residents healthcare. By passing the Healthy Michigan plan our legislature kept over 300,000 of our friends and neighbors off of Obamacare's failed health exchanges. This in turn has saved 24% off the cost of traditional medicaid/low-income health plans. While some will say passing healthy Michigan was "facilitating Obamacare," nothing could be further from the truth.

Want more info? Check out this great explanatory piece from the Detroit News


You do not have to go far in Oakland County to realize that our system of roads is in terrible disrepair. I will continue to work with the Dept. of Transportation and legislatively to create cost saving reforms and institute best practices. Making all road agencies perform to their highest level means that more dollars actually go towards fixing roads. Clear and easy travel allows for faster commerce, job creation, and economic growth. We will also focus on developing a road funding system that is fair to all road users without dramatically increases taxes on our residents. I voted to pass a package of bills that allocate $500 million more dollars of existing revenue on roads. No tax hikes, just results.


I am very proud to be part of the first legislature in many years to balance Michigan's budget on time for our hard working taxpayers four years in a row. No government shut down, no midnight deals, and no 100 hour votes. We have eliminated our 'structural deficit' and are focused on providing high quality services at the lowest cost. Every taxpayer deserves to have their tax dollars respected and pledge to make sure that happens.

Government Reform

Late in 2011, I sponsored and passed a bill to amend Michigan's 100 year old Worker's Compensation System (House Bill 5002). This bill has allowed for modernization of the state agency that runs Worker's Compensation including electronic record keeping, better transparency, and faster claims processing. Overall, the legislation reduced Worker's Compensation premiums by over 21%, saving businesses millions of dollars. This is the type of job creating reform we need in Michigan.


The state has started to turnaround under Republican leadership, unemployment is down 2%, and our economy is improving faster than any other state in the nation! The biggest part of attracting businesses and jobs was getting rid of the worst in the nation MBT (Michigan Business Tax). The new CIT (Corporate Income Tax) is a fair and equitable business tax that lowers rates on everyone. As a small business owner, I know that when businesses pay less in taxes they hire and retain more employees. I was very happy to eliminate the MBT as your State Representative.

Regulatory Reform

With every regulation comes another burden to business. The legislature in the last four years has already repealed or replaced over 2000 antiquated, unrealistic, and job killing regulations. It is my hope that we can continue this trend and make Michigan have common sense in regulation.